Industrial sheet metal

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Laser cutting of metal sheets

We have a machine park of 3 NITROGEN and OXYGEN 5000 & 6000 Watt laser cutting tables. We work with different materials such as:

  • STEEL S235, S355, S500, S700, etc…
  • STAINLESS STEEL, HARDOX, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, titanium, etc.

The cut thicknesses range from 1mm to 15mm for the majority of our activity with maximum sheet formats: 1500 x 3000 mm

Our cutting capacities are as follows in thicknesses:

  • Steel 🡺 Thickness up to 25mm
  • Stainless steel 🡺 up to 15mm
  • Aluminum 🡺 up to 5mm

(Nitrogen “white” cut up to 10mm)

Punching of metal sheets

We have 2 latest generation 1500*3000 LASER PUNCHING handsets (4000W), with automatic loading and unloading. These two handsets allow us to offer you differentiating services such as:

  • Tapping by punctured-tapping operation,
  • Grooving (knurling) to increase the rigidity of the sheets,
  • The realization of non-slip pimples,
  • The realization of ventilation openings and all this without any manual intervention!

Maximum punched thicknesses:

  • Steel 🡺 Tickness up to 6mm
  • Stainless steel 🡺 Thickness up to 3mm
  • Aluminum, copper, brass 🡺 Thickness up to 5mm


For some of our manufactures, a ridge deburring operation is required to optimize the durability of the final protective treatment.

For this operation, we offer you a deburring double-sided width 1500mm suitable for steel, Alu and Stainless steel.

Manual and robotic folding

Our fleet of machines for sheet metal bending operations consists of 7 numerically controlled bending presses from 36 to 170 Tons, maximum length 4 meters.

We are also robotic in folding thanks to 3 robotic presses from 130 to 170 Tons.

We can also offer you other complementary finishing operations such as Rolling and Planing of Sheets by numerical control up to 10mm thick with a maximum width of 3m to a minimum diameter of 280mm.

Nos principaux Marchés en tôlerie industrielle

  • Energies renouvelables
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  • Médical
  • Pneumatique
  • Luminaire

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